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We (addicts) are the only people that can live in another dimension and also the only people on this planet that’s been to hell.


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About Anel

Anel Rom is an enthusiastic, self-motivated person who has launched her own enterprise. She had for nominal success manufacturing bathing suits in L.A. and Brazil. She supplied J.C. Penny’s, Disney World and The Miss America pageant. She is a well –travelled and well-rounded person but it was her fear of failure and fear of success and the severe trauma that she endured. Anel started loving her pills and alcohol with such passion and dedication that she became a full time devoted addict. It was when death fell in love with life that Anel survived. Anel is today the owner of a rehab facility. Her dream is that no addict should ever be turned down for treatment for the lack of funds. Rehab is a privilege for those that can afford it. Anel Rom is hoping that procedures from her book sales will go towards helping un privilege addicts seeking treatment.

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